Chris Leone | Independent | State Senate LD–23

Congratulations to all our elected representatives.

This was my first timing running for public office and I would not have traded the experience for anything. It was wonderful despite the loss.

I would love to see more independents run in 2020, which is not too far away. We started something that I hope is just the beginning of a movement to put competition and choice back into Arizona's local elections.

As you may have heard me say, I did not feel I was running against any one candidate as much as I was challenging a two-party system that has a firm grip on our political options.

If we are going to move Arizona forward, we need to get organized. One way to do that is to get involved with the Phoenix Chapter of Unite America.

- Chris


Put Common Sense Back on the Table

Ideology is a fine starting point for government legislation, but it can never be an endpoint when the issues that matter so much to us demand a comprehensive solution. As an Independent, I'm uniquely positioned to catalyze real change because I'm not bound by party bureaucracy or ideological boilerplate.

I can propose integrated solutions that take the best ideas from all sources when crafting legislation. It’s not a foreign idea. Whether we're choosing employment benefits, putting an investment portfolio together, or just making a fruit salad, we intuitively combine elements to maximize taste, ROI, and advantage with the least amount of effort and cost.


The issues


Every student deserves a great teacher, and every teacher deserves a great compensation agreement, No on Prop 305


Everyone needs access to affordable, comprehensive health care, including people with pre-existing conditions


Everybody deserves to feel safe in their communities especially in our schools


Why I am the right person for the job

  • MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, Master’s in Journalism from ASU, Bachelors in Economics from Boston University
  • A successful 15-year career at HR Block
  • Worked nearly two years in the Arizona House of Representatives for the majority party
  • Married 18 years, five sons, living in Arizona 25 years
  • Responsible Individual for HR Block with the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions
  • Committed to good government and having it address our greatest needs with the least public expenditure


Donate now and put common sense back on the table.

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