Level the 2020 playing field

My biggest mistake in 2018 was waiting until I knew my name would be on the ballot. As an Independent, I wasn't comfortable asking for donations or volunteers until I had secured the required 1,600 nominating signatures.

I still feel that way which is why I'm asking for your pledge today. When the Arizona Secretary of State makes the online nominating petition available, about a year before the election, I will notify you by email. Instead of taking six months to gather signatures, I'm hoping to meet the signature requirement in a matter of weeks.

Your pledge will help to level the political playing field and put competition back into state elections.

1,700 pledges

If you're registered to vote and live in Scottsdale or Fountain Hills Arizona, there is a good chance you are in my district and can nominate me when the time comes. If you want to be absolutely sure, use the Independent Redistricting Commision locator to see if you're in Legislative District 23.

Thank you for your support,

Chris Leone

Will you sign?