About Me

My father was a Republican and my mother a Democrat. I grew up hearing opposing opinions, respecting each, and thinking about alternatives that would satisfy both.

I've been an Independent my entire voting life, zig-zagging across my ballot each election, voting for the person I could trust the most and who coalesced around the issues I felt were important, regardless of his or her party affiliation.

This year I’m running for public office because Arizona needs someone who can be a catalyst for bi-partisan solutions that will last.


As an Independent, with a clean slate and no political baggage, I will take positions that may not fit either party's ideological framework, but make sense for Arizona. I will pursue legislation that puts the public interest above all others. I will seek solutions that are informed by data as well as traditions.

My core beliefs are:

  • Put the public interest ahead of any partisan and special interests
  • Use common sense and find common ground to solve problems
  • Promote opportunity, equality, and stewardship
  • Champion competition, transparency, and accountability

As your legislator, my primary focus will be to produce a budget that prioritizes education, healthcare, and public safety, putting these core legislative responsibilities on a stable financial footing.

Fiscal responsibility has nothing to do with bigger or smaller government. It means looking at the budget holistically and determining how best to pay for the things that we want, like quality public education for everyone, without ignoring or cutting other critical responsibilities like healthcare and public safety.

Reforms in our budgeting process and priorities that put the State's responsibilities on a long-term stable footing are necessary to avoid small problems today becoming insurmountable tomorrow. Please see my Legislative Platform for greater detail.


I was born in New York City and grew up in New Jersey. After graduating from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School, I did a post-graduate year at The Lawrenceville School in Princeton. Four years later, Boston University awarded me a bachelor's degree in Economics, graduating summa cum laude and finishing the Boston Marathon in 2:48.

After college, I taught English in Tokyo Japan for a year. Upon returning to America, PaineWebber in New York City hired me as an assistant stock analyst. I worked for a steel analyst and an electric utility analyst.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business with an MBA, I worked for a commercial real estate developer in New York City.


I moved to Arizona in 1994 for a position with Option One Mortgage Corporation as an account executive. I was married in 2000 and went from zero to four children in 9 months and a fifth child four years later. All my boys have attended or are attending public school.

After a 14-year career in wholesale lending, I returned to Arizona State University to get a master’s in Communications. I worked as a journalist for several years until I accepted an opportunity to work in the Arizona House of Representatives for the majority party.

I am currently working with SVN Realty Advisors as a commercial real estate tenant advisor.