Arizona 2018 Ballot Measures

As a candidate for the Arizona State Senate, I want to be as transparent as possible. Read my positions and thoughts regarding some of the 2018 ballot measures. I will update with other ballot measures as time allows.


Re-Legalize Marijuana in Arizona: Against

The measure is too broad in its attempt to provide unrestricted use of marijuana. I do support the ADHS regulations regarding medical marijuana.

If consumed in a safe manner that does not impact the public, and if all transactions, financial and other, among industry participants, are legal and transparent, I would not work against a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana.

Re-legalize All Drugs Including Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, LSD, and Peyote in Arizona: Against

My comments above apply in this case. Furthermore, I don't believe heroin, cocaine, or LSD can be consumed safely.

Stop Political Dirty Money: For

Transparency is one of my core beliefs. The Stop Political Dirty Money Amendment would give voters the information needed to make an informed judgment about political ads and campaigns. Small donors could remain anonymous, which would work to protect the privacy rights of individuals.

Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona: Against

The ballot process is not the right way to develop long-term, comprehensive energy policy. The Arizona Corporation Commission provides the best forum for creating a plan that involves all stakeholders and results in a win-win for consumers and industry participants.

I'm in favor of the ACC's Arizona’s Energy Modernization Plan, which sources at least 80 percent of Arizona's energy from clean sources by 2050 and offers a comprehensive update to policies including cleaner energy resources, lower prices for consumers, and greater grid security.

I support actions to reduce and limit carbon emissions. I support utility-scale renewable energy efforts and zero-energy design for commercial and residential building. I support investments in a smart grid. I am a LEED AP.

Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act: Against

As we continue to transition to a service-based economy, we must leave funding options open. Our focus must be putting education, healthcare, and public safety on a secure long-term financial footing.

Citizens Right to Convene a Grand Jury: Against

A citizens right to convene a grand jury would not provide the accountability, transparency, and oversight that we expect from a legal proceeding, especially one as significant as convening a grand jury to indict someone.

Marijuana Dispensary Act: Against

The ADHS is the best point of contact for administering the Arizona Medical Marijuana Law, including setting rules for qualifying conditions, home cultivation, dispensary licensing, and reciprocity.

Arizona Popular Vote: Against

I would like to see changes to the electoral system that would make it possible for a candidate not affiliated with a party to win a presidential election. I would support a change from Arizona's winner-take-all approach of assigning electors to a proportional approach, where electors from different congressional districts could choose different presidential candidates.

The Arizona Popular Vote initiative would require Arizona's electors to vote for whoever won the national popular vote for president, which could be different from the winner of Arizona's popular vote, and goes against the principle of a representative democracy. The initiative would also encourage presidential candidates to ignore rural areas and less populous states in favor of more populous metropolitan areas, which would result in lower voter turnout and a disnenfranchisement of rural voters.

The Hemp Freedom Act: Against

I support SB 1098 recently signed into law, establishing a pilot program permitting research into hemp and opening Arizona to the possibility of making hemp a new agricultural product. The legislation includes a clear, enforceable definition of what can and cannot be grown. As well, the legislation gives the Arizona Department of Agriculture oversight of farmers and the ability to inspect facilities. The Hemp Freedom Act does provide coordination between state and federal agencies, necessary to develop industrial hemp as a new agricultural product for Arizona.

Protect Arizona Agriculture Act: Against

The market for organic products is growing and developing based on consumer demand. Legislation that requires Arizona farmers to grow only organic product could disrupt markets and force farmers out of business. Honeybee populations are reported to be growing again.

Save Oak Flat Act: Against

I do support the rights of American Indians to protect their sacred lands. I would like to see the Federal government work with all stakeholders in a transparent and equitable manner. The petition, however, cannot resolve the issue. It must be addressed at the Federal level of government.


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