What is an independent?

An independent is someone who seeks the best ideas to solve problems, regardless of where they come from on the political spectrum. We share a set of common sense principles including fiscal responsibility, environmental responsibility, economic opportunity, social tolerance, and good governance.


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Bon appetite voters

How chocolate cake changed politics forever

Once upon a time, a Democrat, Republican, and Independent were on a baking show. The contestants were required to make chocolate cake.

The Democrat made a triple-layered cake in a 13-inch round pan with oversized rainbow sprinkles, West African chocolate, and organic almond flour.

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Email blast

If we failed to reach you in our latest email blast, below is the content we sent to 50,000 registered voters in District 23. Thank you for your support. If you have not already, please consider donating to our campaign to put common sense back on the legislative table: DONATE. The cost for one email blast is $725.

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Here are a few items of a non-political nature about me.

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LWV Of Arizona

My answers to the 2018 candidate questionnaire offered by the League of Women Voters of Arizona.

What, if any, specific steps will you take to address inequalities facing women in our state?

My mother helped to establish the first chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in our New Jersey community, some 50 years ago.

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Key differences between Leone & Ugenti-Rita

Here are some key differences between myself, Independent, and Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, the Republican candidate for the Arizona State Senate seat in LD-23.

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Prop. 126 – restricting our imagination

Regardless of whether you rely on the data used by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy or by the Arizona Tax Research Association, the conclusion is the same: Arizona needs to invest an additional $1 billion in public education annually.

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Fixing our voting system

Good government steers the ship; it does not micro-manage it

I share Representative Ugenti-Rita's ire with our voting system: GOP bill targets power of new Democratic Maricopa County Recorder – AZCentral. For too long voters have suffered unreasonable hurdles to registering to vote, long lines at polling places, and a general unease as to the integrity of our election system.

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Parties challenge only Independent governor

Alaska gubernatorial: Both major parties challenge nation's only independent governor

Alaska Gov. Bill Walker (I) is the nation’s only independent incumbent. He faces challenges from Mark Begich (D) and Mike Dunleavy (R).

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The Arizona Republic | azcentral.com 2018 voter guide questionnaire

Why are you the best person for the job?

Video version:

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