Where are we in the winning strategy

Republicans and Democrats focus more on each other than us

I regularly read the newsletters that come from my state Republican and Democratic parties. I got one recently that demonstrates the problem with a two-party system. Below is a section about winning. What do you think is missing?


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What good is the First Amendment if we won't listen?

The problem with hyper-partisans is that they will only listen to you if you agree with whatever litmus-test question they throw at you. Either I answer their question as they would answer it, or they move on.


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Political ideas have become too precious

Let's stop clinging to the past and comport ourselves with the 21st Century

Republicans and Democrats have contributed significantly to the advancement of our society over the last century — God Bless them both. Our problem, however, is that both parties are clinging to beliefs and viewpoints that are quickly losing, or have lost their usefulness.


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If you're thinking there are only two options, you're wrong.

Let’s end binary thinking in the voting booth and at our legislatures

While working for the majority party at the Arizona House of Representatives, I was afflicted with the feeling that lots of ideas, good ideas, were not getting the airtime they deserved.


I’m not for putting every random bill to a floor vote, but legislation that falls outside the typical binary choice is not getting enough consideration.

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I'll get them to the polls

My encounter with Battlestar Galactica actor Edward J. Olmos

I first met actor Edward James Olmos on the second floor of the Arizona Capitol Museum. He was sitting on a bench along a wall, admiring the more than 40 nonpartisan posters being displayed at the Museum. The posters form the cornerstone of AIGA’s National Get Out the Vote Campaign.


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My Turn: Jeff Flake should ditch the Republican Party

My Turn: Republicans have walked away from Sen. Jeff Flake's conservative values

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake has always been his own man — someone who will not let others tell him what to do. His independence is a major reason why I voted for him, and it’s why I’ll continue to vote for other independent-minded candidates for office, regardless of their party affiliation.


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