Endorsement Requests

Read my answers to the endorsement requests I completed for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the Maricopa Area Labor Federation, the Sierra Club, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the Arizona Catholic Conference.

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

What are the three most significant policy issues facing the state, and how would you address them if elected? 

  1. Since launching my campaign, I've advocated for a 20 percent pay increase for teachers working four or more years. Moreover, I’ve advocated for district consolidation, in-class spending equal to 70 percent of district spending, and one-on-one mentoring for teachers working less than four years. 
  2. Remaining proactive and steering the State away from problems which could become much more expensive to address, if not insurmountable, is essential. Three areas I would focus on are water security – continue to incorporate water efficiencies and ensure a supply of water for future generations, energy generation & distribution – incentivize the transition to a more efficient, stable, and equitable energy generation and distribution system from both the consumer’s and utility’s perspective, and transportation – accelerate and anticipate needs of a smart-highway system with driver-assisted and driverless vehicles.
  3. I would focus on future-proofing and aligning government revenues and expenses while prioritizing healthcare, education and public safety. 

To read the entire questionnaire click GPCC.

Sierra Club | Grand Canyon Chapter

What do you think are the top three environmental issues facing Arizona?

  1. Ensuring a clean and affordable supply of water for future generations.
  2. Managing our forests – money spent putting out wildfires would be better spent preventing them, creating jobs, and protect human life and property as well as wildlife.
  3. Urban sprawl is linked to a number of other key environmental issues. I would support incentives to retrofit commercial buildings, make communities more sustainable, and stabilize groundwater levels while allowing for controlled growth and development.

To read the entire questionnaire click SierraClub.

Maricopa Area Labor Federation

How will you, as a candidate and elected official, support the recent growth in the union movement, and show that you are an ally and friend of labor?

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. – Henry Ford. I take Ford's words also to mean that if employees are happy, profits will follow. In situations where working conditions are unsatisfactory to a large number of employees, workers should be able to join with other workers to bargain for whatever changes they need. Employee associations are a fundamental human right; though, no one should be forced or coerced to join.

To read the entire questionnaire click MALF.

Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Share with us your economic development vision in promoting the state’s attractiveness.

Arizona must continue to remain a stable and attractive place to invest, live, and start a business. The most important thing legislators can do now is to look as far forward as possible. Opportunities and risks that seem small now will have a huge impact a decade from now. Cultivating a forward-thinking community of public and private interests is at the center of a sustainable vision of economic development.

To read the entire questionnaire click Arizona Chamber.

Arizona Catholic Conference

Share with us your support or opposition to the following questions.

Allowing parents to use tax credits, or empowerment scholarship accounts to enable children to attend any public, private, or home school: SUPPORT

To read the entire questionnaire click ACC.

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