Fixing our voting system

Good government steers the ship; it does not micro-manage it

I share Representative Ugenti-Rita's ire with our voting system: GOP bill targets power of new Democratic Maricopa County Recorder – AZCentral. For too long voters have suffered unreasonable hurdles to registering to vote, long lines at polling places, and a general unease as to the integrity of our election system.

But to require the Maricopa Board of Supervisors and all counties, cities, and towns to review agreements every eight years – something that they can already do whenever they choose – is about as useful as a phone app that tells me I'm still breathing.

It feels more like grandstanding a critical issue that deserves a long-term solution as well as disregarding the negative repercussions that could follow if House Bill 2179 were to become law.

Reacting with piecemeal solutions won’t increase the accessibility and security of our voting system. It could do just the opposite as those responsible for rowing the election boat are frustrated by such a heavy-handed approach.

Our system of voting needs to be accessible and secure. Those two goals are equal in their importance. Moreover, The Presidential Preference Election must be open to the 1.2 million Independents in our state, as is every other statewide and local election.

With elections less than two months away, let’s ask both candidates for Arizona Secretary of State: Katie Hobbs and Steve Gaynor, to propose ways to increase the access and security of our voting systems. Then let’s hold the winner accountable to his or her campaign pledge.

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