Legislative Platform


  1. Put K12 funding on a stable long-term footing
  2. Increase teacher pay by 20 percent for those on the job four or more years, roughly $250 million first year*
  3. One-on-one mentoring for teachers on the job less than four years, 12 to 16-week program
  4. Consolidate school districts**
  5. Reduce teacher turnover with the goal of retaining 70 percent of staff long term
  6. Increase district funds spent in classrooms to 70 percent
  7. Controlled competition among educational institutions, not an unrestricted voucher system
  8. Reduce class size
  9. Increase teacher autonomy
  10. Promote workforce development & higher education opportunities for everyone
  11. Deny tax-free status on lease-back deals with ABOR similar to State Farm Facility on Tempe Town Lake that deny millions in Revenue to K-12 education and local governments

* Legislators must encourage school district leaders to implement staffing models which improve student outcomes – teacher pay is an important factor in that model – and refrain from setting teacher salaries themselves.

** The decentralization of Arizona public school system has gotten worse in the last decade. Declining/flat enrollment in most districts creates budget pressures. Growth in charters schools and providing educational choices is good, but it must be implemented in a controled manner with legislators incentivizing district consolidation.


  1. Ensure everyone has access to comprehensive healthcare including those with pre-existing conditions
  2. Fix the Affordable Care Act and preserve medicaid expansion
  3. Bake ACA protections into the State insurance code
  4. Consider running State-owned risk adjustment program
  5. Reduce fraud and waste
  6. Incentivize preventive care & personalized coverage
  7. Lower drug costs
  8. Implement Opioid Act immediately
  9. Enact "Good Samaritan" law immediately
  10. Increase price transparency to consumers
  11. Increase choice of medical providers
  12. Address needs of the unsubsidized population
  13. Increase portability of employer healthcare plans
  14. Incentivize insurers to compete on value & efficiency of plans not by attracting healthier enrollees

Public Safety

  1. Implement Severe Threat Order of Protection immediately, keep weapons from those who would harm others
  2. Re-write ARS Statute 13-3102 'Prohibited Possessor'
  3. Defend the Second Amendment and rights of law-abiding gun owners
  4. Coordinate state child protective agencies with national and international agencies
  5. Support Federal efforts to secure the international border and fix the immigration system
  6. Support improvements to the H2A visa program, Temporary Agricultural Workers
  7. Increase cybersecurity efforts especially those to protect our elections
  8. Incentivize DES to keep families together
  9. Help homeless to get back on track, especially those who have served in combat

Workforce and Business Development

  1. Eliminate and reduce unnecessary regulations, especially for Arizona home-grown organizations
  2. Incentivize businesses to invest in their people and technology 
  3. Expand efforts that expose youth to STEAM
  4. Increase the attractiveness of Arizona as a community for startups
  5. Promote public-private partnership to improve the quality of government services and save taxpayer money


  1. Create greater competition for public office
  2. Make it illegal to fire someone from a job, deny them housing or refuse them service because they are LGBT, HB 2586
  3. Source $1 billion in new funding for education and other priorities from one or more excise taxes
  4. Support efforts to steward environment for future generations
  5. Require private entities doing a large volume of business with the State to forgo lobbying or making campaign contributions
  6. Foster good government by measuring results, tying funding to outcomes, and incentivizing entrepreneurial thinking among government employee
  7. Work with pro-life and pro-choice groups to reduce unwanted pregnancies and make adoption an equally accessible alternative to elective abortion

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