Here are a few items of a non-political nature about me.

Favorite Quote If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything. Mark Twain
Favorite Sport Baseball
Awards A couple but no Pulitzer yet
Current Car Whichever one is not being driven by my either of my twin sons or my wife
Father's Occupation Mortgages and Operas
Favorite Vacation Spot Newport Beach
First Car Brown station wagon
Mother's Name Mary Ellen
Names of Grandchildren Working on it
Person Most Want to Meet (Dead or Alive) Jimmy Kimmel
Favorite Athlete Jesse Owens
Favorite President and Why George Bush, his mom and strategery
Personal Hero and Why My Dad because he forgave and loved a lot
One thing you would like to do before you die Go surfing with my sons in Tahiti
Reason for Seeking Public Office To put common sense back into our Arizona State Legislature and make Arizona better and stronger for our kids and future generations
Father's Name Sinibaldo
Priority Issues Putting education, healthcare and public safety on a long-term, structurally stable financial footing.
Favorite Author William Zinsser
Favorite Movie The Hobbit
Favorite Musician Taylor Swift /Jorge Mendez
Favorite Actor/Actress Martin Freeman/Kate McKinnon
Favorite Color Burnt orange
Favorite Type of Music Baroque
Spouse's Occupation Healthcare
Favorite Book The Last Place on Earth
Favorite Food Popcorn
Favorite TV Shows The Good Place
First Job Cooking hotdogs in Long Branch NJ at Max's
Date of Wedding Anniversary Everyday
Favorite Websites Bloomberg and C-Span
Hobbies or Special Talents Juggling
Mother's Occupation Bank Examiner
Number of Grandchildren 0
Sammie and Blaze
Publications See a collection of articles written at: https://app.ebyline.com/people/5780

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