Nominate an Independent

In 2016, gerrymandering and a two-party system lead to more than 50 percent of Arizona's local State Senate races going to a candidate who ran unchallenged in the general election.

That is like going to baseball game and only one team showing up ... not very exciting for fans nor good for either team

Independents can change that. We only compete in the general election. So by nominating an independent to be on the ballot, you're helping to guarantee a competitive general election.

I'm running as an independent for the State Senate seat in AZ District 23. Click on the nominate me button below, and let's put competition back into our local elections.

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You must live in District 23 to sign Leone's electronic nominating petition. If you're not sure, use the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission district locator, just enter your zip code in the address box to determine your Legislative District.

By nominating me to be on the November ballot, you are helping to give Arizonans what the US Constitution guarantees to every State in the Union: a representative democracy.

There are nearly 1.3 million registered independents in Arizona, a few thousand below the number of registered Republicans and more than a hundred thousand higher than the number of Democrats. We deserve an independent on the ballot if we are to truly be a representative democracy.

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