Quick Facts About Public & Charter Schools

As I campaign for State Senate in District 23, I am finding that there is some confusion about charter schools versus public schools. Many people incorrectly think that charter schools are private.


It is important we all start with the same basic understanding when it comes to discussing education. This list is purposely short, but does offer a few links to anyone who is interested in learning more.

  • Charter schools are public, and like a public school are free to all students
  • Public and charter schools both receive state funding
  • Funding formulas differ between public and charter schools, seeĀ JLBC Overview
  • State law gives charter schools more autonomy and less oversight than public schools
  • Public schools can finance their budgets with a tax levy, charters cannot, bond & tax election Arizona
  • Number of Students, or Average Daily Membership (ADM), as of FY 2016 in public schools was 926,774, charters schools averaged 164,351 students during the same period

For more information about how we finance public and charter schools, read the Arizona State Senate Issue Brief, published October 2016: Arizona's School Finance System.

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