If you're thinking there are only two options, you're wrong.

Let’s end binary thinking in the voting booth and at our legislatures

While working for the majority party at the Arizona House of Representatives, I was afflicted with the feeling that lots of ideas, good ideas, were not getting the airtime they deserved.


I’m not for putting every random bill to a floor vote, but legislation that falls outside the typical binary choice is not getting enough consideration.

Though many of us want to see things as either this way or that way, our problems and their solutions do not divide up so neatly.

I will advocate for legislation that makes sense but may not fit into one camp’s or the other’s worldview. I don’t see that as being a disruptor, but rather as being a catalyst, someone who’ll consider legislation regardless of its origin.

I think many of you will agree that we need options at the voting booth this November if we going to get legislative options during the following session.

Will it be easy if I'm elected? No, but I'm willing to take a few proverbial punches for the public good. 

If you’re not a member of a party, how can you be an effective legislator?

Simply being a member of a party does not make someone a good legislator. Being an effective legislator is comprised of two things: the quality of the legislation you propose and the quality of your conduct with other legislators.

As an independent, I will work in good faith with members of both parties. As a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, with a successful career in corporate America, I'm well positioned to evaluate and support legislation that makes sense for all Arizonans.

How will you get leadership in both parties to listen to you?

First, I’m not out to make either side look bad. Second, I will support legislation that maximized the sum of individual happiness with the least cost to the taxpayer. And finally, the vast majority of issues that confront the Legislature are not without flexibility, and only need someone who is willing to accept the possibility of failure for the chance to deliver reforms that move Arizona ahead.

Why now? I started seeing a lack of fresh ideas years ago. I noticed that legislation was becoming more about how do I get reelected, instead of what policies should we be working on to move Arizona forward. If elected I will represent my entire district. I will pursue legislation that makes sense for Arizona, whether it helps or doesn’t help me get elected next cycle.

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