What is an independent?

An independent is someone who seeks the best ideas to solve problems, regardless of where they come from on the political spectrum. We share a set of common sense principles including fiscal responsibility, environmental responsibility, economic opportunity, social tolerance, and good governance.


And we share a common ground approach to politics: we think for ourselves, put our country first, follow the facts, and work with others to get things done. 

Being an independent does not mean taking an arbitrary position halfway between two extremes or simply existing in the political “middle” if one exists. 

We support unaffiliated candidates as a way to challenge the two-party duopoly of political power, foster good government, and improve outcomes for everyone.

As an independent, my goals and positions are broadly defined so that problem-solving can begin with a clean slate, open mind, and without labels.

I will fill in specific policy details on issues before me, which may differ from other independents, but will always seek to maximize the sum of individual happiness with the least public expenditure.

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