Where are we in the winning strategy

Republicans and Democrats focus more on each other than us

I regularly read the newsletters that come from my state Republican and Democratic parties. I got one recently that demonstrates the problem with a two-party system. Below is a section about winning. What do you think is missing?


WINNING in an Other-Party District:

What does Winning look like in an Other-Party district like LDXX?

✔️ Winning is getting a bunch of Our-Party candidates on the ballot.

✔️ Winning is making the Other-Party spend money in this district. They won’t be sending any money to Other-Party candidates in LDXX, or LDXX, or sending it to Other-Party-Legislator-A or Other-Party-Legislator-B.

✔️ Winning is putting 50,000+ votes on the ballot for Our-Party candidates.

✔️ Winning is opening our own campaign office. Funding it ourselves. Staffing it ourselves. Talking about our own candidates.

✔️ Winning is inspiring more Our-Partiers to get involved in the political process right here at the grassroots level.

✔️ Winning is bringing out leadership in our candidates, our Precinct Committeepersons, and our volunteers.

✔️ Winning is holding incumbents accountable for their votes, for their actions, and making them talk about the issues during the campaign.

✔️ Winning is not giving incumbents any more free passes and making them work harder than they ever have if they want to get re-elected.

✔️ Winning is making it clear to the voters that the LDXX Other-Partiers aren’t good at the jobs they have and wouldn’t be good in any other elected office.

✔️ Winning is waking up the day after an election knowing you did everything you possibly could.

✔️ Winning is shattering every pessimistic expectation of who we are outside of LDXX.

Winning is reduced to nothing more than an us-against-them struggle. It isn’t about the public, taxpayers, or solving the problems we face together. It’s about getting control of the legislature.

Regarding participation and competitive elections — bullet points five and eight — inspiring people to get involved is good and incumbents should have to earn each election victory. But as important as these laudable goals are before an election, they are just as important after one.

Legislators need to continue to collaborate on legislative solutions after getting elected. Lasting solutions, which are not rehashed every election cycle, is what we need. It’s a waste of time and taxpayer money to pass then repeal a piece of legislation.

The third bullet point from the bottom crystallizes the problem with both parties. Before knowing what he or she has to say, if the person is from the other party, he or she is no good and not fit for any elected office, regardless.

Rejecting someone without taking the time to consider him or her fuels polarization, weakens representative democracy, and gives power to extreme elements in both parties.

I’m an independent and want to see more independents elected to public office because I believe competition is good and that our legislatures will deliver better results when no one has a monopoly on political power. I do not think, however, that every Republican and Democrat is unfit for office.

If you step back from the frenzy, you can see that it’s not us against whatever them you prefer. It’s us against crime, corruption, health crisis, failing educational institutions, displaced workers, and forces beyond our control. We’re in it together.

As an independent running for public office, here is how I define winning.

✔️ Winning is getting everyone to the polls

✔️ Winning is getting more people to run for elected office

✔️ Winning is having two or more candidates compete in every general election for every public office at the federal, state, and local level

✔️ Winning is moving past cliches and catch phrases to a real discussion of ideas where personal attacks are non-existent and mutual understanding increases

✔️ Winning is putting our state on a path that maximizes the economic potential of every person and secures a peaceful and harmonious future for generations to come

✔️ Winning is having a legislative bucket list each session, developed with the input of all legislators, and checking off everything

✔️ Winning is putting education, healthcare, workforce development, and public safety first among budget priorities

✔️ Winning is increasing an appreciation for our representative democracy among everyone

✔️ Winning is addressing issues today, not tomorrow

Support my campaign as an independent candidate for state government at www.voteleone.org/donation

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